Congratulations Sci Fi Fest!!! May 2014

A big congrats to my friends over at Sci Fi Fest!! They just successfully raised the funds needed to produce their first annual science fiction one act play festival. I am really excited about this and hope to see some readers of The Concrete World when I myself am sitting in the audience.

For more info check out their official facebook page HERE.

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Goodbye Bunker! The weekly gathering of cyber, goth, industrial and underground has been deleted

Epic Last Night.
Das Bunker Los Angeles
Enjoy the pics!

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Attack On Titan soon to trample over your village or town

Over the last year at various comic-cons and conventions I attended I noticed something. A new cosplay, clearly from anime, those dressed had strange metal boxes attached to their hips and smart looking fantasy-like military uniforms.

Not soon after I began hearing the American fanboy groundswell of the title Attack On Titan. “This is the show you gotta watch!” “My favorite new anime” “I love Attack on Titan!”

Curious, I finally had the time to seek it out. And lucky for me the series is currently available on NETFLIX subtitled. Well, you can accuse me of binge-viewing as yesterday I watched the first four episodes back-to-back.

I must say, it wasn’t was I was expecting. Not sure what I was expecting. But whatever this was, by the end of the first episode it caught me off guard. Which is something I always like.

I’m eager to watch more, I probably will by the time you read this. I don’t want to say much about the content as you should be as surprised as I was upon viewing.

I will say that I envy the Anime pace and structure of storytelling. The subtlety and which this story is allowed to unfold and the depth it adds to the characters and the strange world… I wish we could tell stories, especially animated stories that way here in America.

Until then… I’ll enjoy an odd treasure like this every now and then when they break through.

You never know what is going to resonate with audiences and genre fans here. There’s no way to forecast it. Some properties just rise. This is definitely one of them.

Art from the manga-

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The Last Days of Das Bunker

The Concrete World is informed and influenced by all things cyber. By underground culture, those dark and rich currents running just below the surface. And nowhere in Los Angeles has that been more so then at Das Bunker, one of the longest running clubs of its type.

As the club approaches its close at the end of this month, I thought it fitting to take some photos of the faces and fashion that exist there. I’ve met so many amazing people at the place, had so many good times and been inspired so much. Those hazy intoxicated nights, moving through the dark, industrial electronic music playing (which is very much the soundtrack of stories like this very webcomic).

I’ll be sad to see it go, and will be excited for whatever the next chapter is.
For now, here are some of the amazing faces you’d see had you been lucky enough to experience Das Bunker.

And finally… The Concrete World’s own Timmar.

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Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who!!!

I am just coming off the Gallifreyan-like high which was the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special. So glad it was so well written and enjoyable on many levels.

Growing up a fan of the series, its been so fun to see this milestone reached and celebrated across the world like a holiday. My first Doctor… was really Peter Davison. The first I’d seen was Tom Baker, but when he regenerated and the 5th Doctor episodes started, I was old enough to start paying attention and understanding the series and the character.

I thought I’d celebrate the anniversary with a little post of two of my favorite things. Doctor Who and action figures. Here are some of my favorite Doctor Who toys, as well as a product catalog shot of the 90s Dapol toys.

Happy Birthday Doctor! Here’s to more adventures in your blue box.

One of my favorite Who toys. A rare giftset from Dapol, including a Tardis. I had to order this set all the way from England at the beginning of the internet era. Since there had never really been Who figures in America at that point, the goofy poorly constructed toys were like gold to me. Feeling very exotic having come from so far. I still very much appreciate them.

Can’t beat the 5th Doctor, sonic at the ready, Cybermen at the door.

In recent years I’ve discovered and greatly enjoy the episodes of the 2nd Doctor, Patrick Troughton. His era may be my favorite! One part 60s horror film, one part sci fi comedy. It’s like Doctor Who landed in the Twilight Zone and is hanging out with the Hard Days Night Beatles.

Gotta say one of my favorite action figures from the modern line is the Ganger Doctor, too bad they didn’t do more with him in the series.

Another Doctor whom I became acquainted with in my youth was the 3rd. His episodes were on channel 12 PBS in Colorado on Sunday evenings. I was intrigued by this early Doctor and his Venitian Karate Chops. I was also fascinated by his yellow vintage car Bessy. He was a grouchy short tempered Doctor always talking down to those foolish humans. And yet he was very likable.

The 3rd Doctor in Dapol form, stalked by a Cyberman.

Who can forget The Master?!

And The Master in Dapol form.

Captain Jack Harkness, a character so popular he got a successful spinoff that was actually a really good show!

Last but not least, the 2nd Doctor in lego character builder form. With his Character Builder TARDIS. Great little figures!

I have so many others, the Character Options actions figures made these last ten years are amazing. The 9th Doctor, the TARDIS playset, the classics like Tom Baker, and the Sarah Jane Chronicles figures, and of course all the great villains like the Daleks and Cybermen. So many good Who toys. Maybe I should do another post…

Here is that fantastic photo from the Dapol toy Catalog. Makes a person wish they had some sort of… time machine to go back and buy these vintage greats.

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Macross World 2013

I had the good fortune to stop by the Macross World Fan Convention last month. It was super fun. I took some pictures of vintage items on display from private collections as well as some cosplay. Hope you enjoy checking this pictures out! Also hope to see you there next year!

Cosplay the Macross Way!

Drooling over the box art!

We >heart< Ranka!

We also >heart< Risa!

More toys and amazing package art from Macross

Lynn Minmay Cosplay!

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Truth stranger than… science fiction

I love technology. I also fear it. That’s what much of my writing is about, that is definitely what The Concrete World is about.

But today I’m writing about a cool aspect of technology. The ability to work and create with people. People you have never actually met.

Over a year ago James Emmett took the reins for illustrating The Concrete World. We met online after a very exhausting search on my end. He’s based in NYC, I’m based in LA. We’ve been sending files back and fourth, discussing characters, the world of CW, the tech, nuances, the little details that should be carried over from the previous illustrator. Essentially we’ve been collaborating. Through that magic portal and sometimes devil called the internet.

At New York Comic Con last week, we finally had the opportunity to meet in person. It was awesome, and surreal. As you know, through creating art and telling stories you bond with someone. It was cool to meet someone I had a bond with whom I’d never met in person.

New York Comic Con was insane! Super Crowded, super fun, packed with super fans. I’d expect no less from New York… the home of so many superheroes.

And one from the FEARnet booth! (along with our buddy Sam from Trick R Treat, who is not working on the comic at this time…)

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10 Science Fiction Properties that inspire me

I thought I’d take a look back at the fantasy and science fiction inspirations in my life. Here’s a top ten. I could do a top 20 or 30 easy… but will leave it at these for now.

1. Space 1999- Whenever I look up into the sky and see the moon during daylight I can’t help but reminded of Space 1999 and Moonbase Alpha, I’m not sure why seeing the moon during the day has this affect but not at night. I guess at night the moon is it’s own thing. The series didn’t last long, and I didn’t see it until much later in life, but something especially about that first season is hugely inspirational.

2. Bladerunner- Since this movie was released, it has held the bar for perfect looking and feeling cyberpunk, future-shock fiction. Like everyone who sees it, I can’t help but be hugely inspired by not only the thought provoking dialog, characters and story, but also the ability of the filmmakers to show the future world so perfectly and believable.

3. The Star Wars of Ralph McQuarrie- Modern fan culture has all but killed me on Star Wars, but I can’t help marveling in the fantasy of Ralp McQuarrie’s concept art. The richness and timelessnes of it continues to fill my imagination much more than any modern attempt on the films and universe.

4. Star Trek, The Original Series and Films- I’ve been think a lot lately about Star Trek 2, 3 and 4. How well those three films played together. Those were really my first experience with Star Trek. I love TNG, and revisiting it so many years after seeing the films I love the original series. It’s the BEST. But I am thankful for being exposed to those early Trek films at such a young age. My mind soaked up the concepts and morales from those films like a sponge.

5. Highlander, The Series- In my teens I completely lost myself in this series. It being shot outside the US, and the characters and long term arcs (before most TV was experimenting with long term arcs) had such an escapism to it. The strong morals and often conflicted feelings of the lead character made for entertaining and thought-provoking television.

6. Star Frontiers Role-playing Game- One of the early worlds I had the fortune of getting lost in was that of the role-playing game Star Frontiers. It was the Sci Fi answer to Dungeons and Dragons, and we spent hours playing through adventures in that universe. I think early exposure to role-playing games greatly crafted my mind with the ability to think creatively and generate characters and worlds.

7. A Clockwork Orange, the film- The first time I really felt science fiction punch me in the face. And I liked every minute of it. Sci Fi is an important tool for exploring humanities dark side… and abilities. A great way to ponder what we are capable of and be proactive about not falling down paths. Speculative fiction is important for our society.

8. Neon Genesis Evangelion- This series was so far outside the box. Everything about it was fresh and interesting and often heartbreaking. The idea that a hero could have moments of insecurity, or loneliness or depression…. Most identify the series with the hot female Characters Rei and Asuka in their skin- tight plug-suits. But I very much appreciate Shinji. The young boy who was pushed into greatness by circumstance and a series about the consequences of that.

9. The Twilight Zone- Everything about this series is amazing. I’m as fascinated with the mind of Rod Serling and how this show came to being, as I am the amazingly profound stories within it.

10. Doctor Who- I didn’t realize something when I was watching Tom Baker and Peter Davidson as a kid. I was watching a TV hero who was a pacifist. I think he was a good influence on me. One I wasn’t even aware of.

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Concrete World Cosplay Live Drawing with Meltdown Comics, Satine Phoenix and ER Collective!

I was blown away by the talent I saw Monday evening at Meltdown Comics DrawMelt event! Every Monday evening a group of dedicated illustrators gather to do what they do best. Draw. The event is open, the admission is $20, I have a feeling to pay for the food that is provided and the model which is provided (and works pretty damn hard I must say).

For me, creating characters like Sera in my head and then seeing super talented artists bring her to life in many different ways and styles is just… amazing. Mind blowing really.

Rose Ivy from ER Collective was good enough to cosplay as Sera and model for the group. So the night was an added bonus for me. I not only got to see Sera in many different art styles I also got a glimpse of what she’d look like in real life.

The evening is hosted by the wonderful and talented Satine Phoenix and I thank her and everyone involved for a great Monday evening. Please see snapshots from the evening below. We’ll post some specific art pieces from the group that night in the next week or so.

Thanks Meltdown for hosting! So nice as a comic book creator and fan, to feel like we have a strong homebase here in LA to gather and appreciate our craft.

Drawing digital style!

Joe Mac, Rose Ivy, Satine Phoenix, Gavin Hignight

Everyone hard at work

Concrete World’s own Joe Mac got into the spirit of things with this piece

Concrete World Colorist Joe Mac and Rose from ER Collective

Holding a future pose

Sera, total comic book style!

Love this!

More of Satine’s amazing quick sketches

These really blew my mind, love the style!

Sera live but digital

The familiar Meltdown Sign!

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Concrete World Live Drawing event at Meltdown University Meltdown Comics! July 29

Set down your DREAMtech deck and pick up your pencil and paper!! It’s time to join The Concrete World creators along with ER Collective, Satine Phoenix and Meltdown Comics for a live drawing session featuring Concrete World Cosplay!

Cosplayer Rose Ivy from ER Collective will be dressed as none other than Sera from The Concrete World. The live drawing event happens at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood on July 29th 7-9:45PM.

Admission for the event is $20.00, and everyone who comes to participate gets two free Rebel Sidekick Books!

This is a special night as part of Meltdown’s ongoing Melt University Live Drawing events.

Illustrations from the evening will be shared on this very blog.

Writer and creator Gavin Hignight will be on-hand, as well as colorist Joe Mac. The evening is hosted by the one and only Satine Phoenix.

Join us!

July 29
Meltdown Comics
7522 Sunset Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90046

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